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Not Getting Enough Traffic on Your Website? Here’s Why

You were impacted by Panda or Penguin

When you are hit by Panda and Penguin or any other kind of algorithm changes, you may see the traffic plummet from one day to next. Have a look at your Google Analytics report to check date when the traffic changed and compare it with the date when the algorithm was changed. If the date matches, then you may have to take some actions to fix this issue. If you are not affected by panda or penguin then your website is still young, means it is less than 6 months old. Or you may not have a lot of content or you may not be making the most of social media to promote your website. Contact marketing firms in Singapore to know more about google panda, penguin and other algorithmic changes.

Your website is slow

You must be aware of the fact that loading speed is considered a ranking factor and people tend to revisit the website that loads faster. The contrary also holds true where users tend to exit a website that doesn’t load in 3 seconds. So, of your website is gaining traffic from referrals from social media or SERPs, but when they land on a slow loading page, they will inevitably leave without entering. So, in order to make your website load faster, you need to work on the loading time of a website that bears some ranking. If your website is slow but doesn’t have any rankings, then fix the page speed issues to increase your odds at gaining good ranking on your website.

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