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Important Things you Need to Know about Manholes or Inspection Chambers

Manholes are also called inspection chambers. They provide access to underground facilities like a drainage system. With a sewer or drain manhole, workers can inspect, survey, unblock, repair, or clean underground pipes. Building regulations govern guidance on manhole design, structure, and location.

Manholes also serve as a temporary storage point for water by letting water build up in the drainage system instead of flood out away. As drainage engineers work on pipe systems, they may block a pipe and use a manhole in the same way for storing wastewater before allowing it to flow away after completing the drainage task. Learn more about manholes by clicking this link https://fibertechinc.net/rhino-manholes/manholes-ultimate-resource/.

Importance of Manhole Covers

Manhole covers are installed to serve various purposes that include:

  • Ensuring pedestrians don’t fall off the manhole and preventing unauthorized people from entering the drainage system.
  • Preventing debris and objects from getting into the drainage system to cause a blockage.
  • Preventing surface water from entering the system.

Manhole covers can be made from various materials such as recycled plastic, concrete, and steel. Also, they can be triangular, round, or rectangular in shape.

Remote Access Drainage Points

These days, manholes are being augmented or replaced with rodding points or remote access drainage points. Because they are smaller than manhole chambers, they are more affordable to install. With these solutions, people don’t have to get down into the drain since rodding points offer access to a drain rod, a CCTV drainage survey camera, and a water jetting hose. These features assist in the drain pipe inspection, cleaning, and unblocking process.

Risks Associated with Manhole Chambers

As manhole chambers present a health and safety risk, it is best to inspect, clean, and repair drains without entering them. Also, workers who have to climb into and out of them can slip, trip, or fall, leading to a serious injury and even fatality.

Moreover, oxygen levels can fill in those chambers and toxic gases can build up. Anyone who enters the manhole can become unconscious and die because of poisoning or a lack of oxygen. To use remote access equipment when working on a drainage system through a manhole chamber, it is best to do a confined space entry. This approach includes the use of a careful procedure which involves a team of well-trained drainage operatives. These experts should use specific safety clothing and equipment to safely enter the manhole chamber.

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